Welcome to my about page ! my name is ASTER or IV and I happen to be the webmaster of this site you're currently visiting. basic info is near the left of this section, i'm not great at talking about myself so lets move on.

As stated on my index page, i concider myself a beginner in coding still , eventhough my site is currently a year old. I practice in my own time infrequently and i feel like everything i'm doing can be done way easier than how i've coded them. I also want to learn and understand javascript at somepoint but at the moment everytime i do , I tend to get a giant headache.. eugh.

Anyways I'm very excited to be working on my site this year, as when i finish my exam work in a few months i'll have some extra time to be coding and thinking of designs for yet-to-come pages! i hope you will be looking forward to it as much as i am :D !


Here are things i'm mainly interested in ! Unfortuantly i tend to ramble and this section when coding became unbearably long,so i've hidden all the content of each interest in a details tag. click on of the topics to expand and see more info on my main interests !


to start off then,i'm an artist! im selftaught and ive been drawing for pretty much all my life. One of my favourite things to do as a kid was watch speedpaints and sonic x recolor oc speedpaints (which i still rewatch to this day). Art used to be a special interest for me,its not anymore,but i would still consider it my main "practical" interest and something i love deeply :D !

i love all forms of art, but i especially love pixel art and needle felting! In the future i also want to get into making 3d models , I think also customising a doll is something i want to try in the future too alongside making some clay figurines of my ffxiv ocs !


probably my all time favourite videogame series ? I didn't really play any ff games properly during childhood but i knew of their existence since my dad is a fan of the series ! Tried a bunch of FF games after a while but the one that properly dragged me in was FF7R and then my first mainline game was FFVIII ! theres still lots of FF games i want to play (or well.. finish.) and i'm hoping perhaphs one day i might play all of them (mainline probably along side some sidegames like tactics.) . Not putting my FFXIV story here since its too long and it will probably end up on its own page :P

My favourite FF games are FFXIV & FFVIII

Currently playing through FFIX

Started and unfinished FFVI FFX FFXII FFXV FFXVI


my special interest is in rhythm games, mostly arcade ones ! my favourite rhythm game series of all time is pop'n music ! Love the style,music and character designs the series has to offer !!!! i'm lucky enough to have a few arcades around me that i go to when im not extremely exaushted . The pop'n music cabs i have acsess to currently are kaimei riddles & PARTY !

i also really enjoy playing Theatrhythm Final Fantasy,project diva,jubeat and maimai and eventhough WACCA has ended their online services id love to play it if i ever get the chance to ! with IIDX, ive played it once before but the cab is too far away to efficiently practice IIDX.


honestly dont have much to say about this one ? I've been a fan since x and y and i still love those games dearly even if they aren't the best. ive also been enjoying scarlet and violet's story so much. I enjoyed the Teal mask more than the indigo disk but i thought the "prolouge" event was fun ! I do want to try to read pokespe at somepoint But im currently busy preparing for exams.

favourite pokemon: sprigatito , cubchoo , goomy evo line , snivy , hawlucha , decidueye , furfrou , reshiram , ogerpon and bewear !


Though not as big of an interest to now dedicate entire layouts to it, I think tokusatsu is probably an important form of media for me that i discovored last year. I've mainly watched kamen rider but my first proper exposure to toku was a clip of donbrothers i saw, which lead me to watching my first tokusatsu show kamen rider blade. still my favourite from what i've watched and i don't think anything is going to beat it. im very bad at consuming video based media unless i'm extremely hyperfixated like i was with tokusatsu so many shows just ended up on hold.

currently slowing down on watching tokusatsu media as . well.. the complete toku library got taken down and i really don't like going on those pirate streaming sites unless its on the 8 y/o tablet that i don't care gets viruses or not.

shows i've watched : KR BLADE , KR W / DOUBLE

currently watching : KR GOTCHARD

shows i've started & on hold: KR EX AID , KR KABUTO , KR OOO , KR FOURZE KR DEN O , KR BUILD , KR GEATS , KR DECADE , zenkaiger , donbrothers , king-ohger


the colours blue and purple,long essay videos - mostly ones on video games and stuff that peaks my interest, rabbits, cats , dogs , vampires , sleeping , berries , smoothies , moogles , videos on electronics and coding , unused content in video games and lost media, music - nightcore , bemani's soundtracks & songs that usually blasted in the background of 2000s speedpaints. yugioh , smell of freshly baked goods , virtual pet sites


"ultimate ffxiv kin assignment"


you're caring, dutiful and a bit reserved. you put a lot of expectations on your shoulders! you may doubt your abilities, but you're developing a strong resolve! you may be a little too fixated on proving your worth from time to time. remember to not set unnecessarily high standards for yourself, be kind to yourself!

for quiz link, click here !

What Character From Final Fantasy IX Are You? What Cure Are You Most Like?I am a Togetic!
I am pomergranet cookie!
I am moonlight cookie! Marina I am a Mime! Click here to take the clown quiz!



  • FF8: rinoa heartily, squall leonheart , irvine , laguna ,
  • FF9 : garnet , vivi , freya
  • FF10 : yuna , tidus , rikku
  • FF12 : balthier , fran , vaan
  • FF14 : alisae , meteion , venat , g'raha , thancred , urianger , sanson , guydelot , hythlodaeus dulia-chai , ryne , yugiri , zero, emet-selch , erenville , aymeric , estinien , fandaniel


  • kamen rider : kenzaki , hajime , mutsuki, ryutaros , urataros , hana , yuto , deneb , philip , akiko , ryu , ryusei , gentarou , miu , ryuga , misora , ace , michinaga , neon , hotaro , rinnie , hopper1
  • super sentai (from what i've watched) : kaito , stacey , gaon , momoi taro , haruka , rita , moffun


  • YGO: judai , manjome , ryo , edo , johan , astral , kaito , shark , IV , yuya , yugo
  • HNK : phos , padpa , diamond , yellow diamond , alexandrite
  • other misc : lina inverse , xellos , kinomoto sakura , syaoran li , hyuuga saki , mishou mai


  • fire emblem : libra , luthier , yuri , felix , mercedes , byleth , pandreo , alfred , amber , kagetsu , alear
  • pokemon : hugh , arven , carmine , kieran , drayton
  • other misc : sackboy , mimi (pop'n music) , mutsuki (pop'n music) , satou (pop'n music) , NiGHTS

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