HI HELLO WELCOME TO THE ABOUT PAGE ! I go by many names since i tend to hoard names,but my current main alias is aster ! ^_^ im also okay with byleth and elidibus as well. i'm currently 18 years old !!

★ ^_^ ; i use they/he pronouns ! & IDK where else to put this but im also autistic!!

(i'm not really the best with talking about myself ; i usually dont know what to put ermm)

to start off then,i'm an artist! im selftaught and ive been drawing for pretty much all my life. art used to be a special interest for me,its not anymore,but i would still consider it my main "practical" interest and something i love deeply :D ! i love all forms of art,ESPECIALLY pixel art and needle felting!

★ ^_^ ; special interest time ! currently my special interest is to do with arcade rhythm games,or just rhythm games in general!!!!!it's been a special interest of mine for about two or three years now ! i usually specify "arcade" since those are the rhythm games i'm mostly interested in,especially bemani! as you can most probably tell,my current favourite rhythm game is pop'n music. I really enjoy the music the series has to offer,the art style is unique and i enjoy the gameplay alot even if im not the best at it ;;. I'm lucky enough to have a few arcades around me which i go to time to time when im not absolutely exhausted.

i currently have acsess to kaimei riddles & PARTY ! i also really like to play maimai,jubeat and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy !!

about webdev; i've always had some sort of interest in coding but it wasn't until i discovered neocities that i started to take a major interest in html/css , i think the things people make here and the way they express themselves is amazing. its something social media can never offer me,my own personalized space.i still consider myself a beginner in coding,there are definetly somethings i still need to learn so this site can finally stop being held by superglue and abhorrent amounts of duct tape... :')




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