welcome !! ₍ ᐢ..ᐢ ₎

what is this place?

this place serves as an escape from social media,but also as a personal project for me,i've always been interested in coding to a certain extent,i'm not exactly experienced in coding as i've just started a month or so ago - feel free if to tell me if something is broken (and how to maybe fix it ;;),help is always appreciated! ^_^

i'm also still in the process of trying to find my own personal style in webdev,so pages may change drastically in style overtime.

about webmaster
webmaster's art
(preferably: please dont hotlink,ty!)

☆FEB 2ND : completely re-did about page and added site button onto homepage ! at first i really liked v1 of the about page,in my other update i did say i spent hours on it and was really pround of it. However the more time passed,i started to dislike the layout i chose for my about page and the overall look of it. I've been told im allowed to shelve the work i was currently doing and im doing something else for school,so ive been able to take some time for myself and build a new about page.. and.. i really do love it now, it feels wayyy more personalised to me than the other version of it :D

☆JAN 20 : added temporary artwork page and updated navigation section ! site updates may slow down after this point . i've got some work to do for the course i'm doing and my deadline to complete the work is in about two weeks from now,so i'll be pretty busy trying to finish it.

☆JAN 18 : added about page ,updated navigation & removed mini about section on homepage! i didn't really take a break when making this and spent several hours just coding and making graphics so i'm currently really tired ;;. i'm still not exactly finished with it and i'll be adding stuff onto it from time to time!

☆JAN 16 '23 : new homepage & made a "warning" (?? i dont know what they're called..its just a page telling people what resolution the page is meant to be viewed at ,ect..) ! i'm really happy with this one,i wasn't able to use any graphics i edited or made myself whilst coding until now so being able to use them and then see everything come together is so nice...

also happy new years,since school has started again i'll be busy mostly doing course work for school ..which is just drawing and making art.

☆ DEC 23th : new site layout again! i think this looks really pretty :D

☆ DEC 20th : changed site layout(finally!)

☆ : site was created on NOV.27 '22!