Welcome warriors of light to my website ! i’m aster, the webmaster of this site and it’s my personal aetheryte plaza on the internet ! we are currently running on the fifth version of this site as a lead up to dawntrail's release. So currently my site is themed both ffxiv and ffix in mind ♡

i've been playing ffix as of recent so i'm extremely excited to see what links dawntrail will have to ffix (example being one of the new areas shown being named after solution 9). I'm also excited for the new pictomancer job too, can't wait to try it out on release !!

please note that my site is constantly in construction. constantly working on it whenever i have the chance but i also practice coding ireggularly and im selftaught so if anything looks off or is broken it's most likely an oopsie on my end. in addition to this, alot of my site is still currently unfinished however i've added many navigation links of what's to come so please look forward to it !

current teleports avalible :
my about page, learn more about me and my interests (aside from ff) and what my quiz results are from quizzes i've taken
"pictomancer's gallery" , a page dedicated to my artwork
shrines, currently a massive wip but the landing page is up but a yet dated compared to everything else.


i've mentioned that this index theme is made for dawntrails release but there is more to it than just that. For the last two months i've been struggling with coding a new index theme because i just.. didn't know what i wanted my site to look like and where i was going with it to be honest. I was stressing out terribly over my site because of that and how i felt that my site still didnt feel personal to me as a person which really sucked...

so I guess to combat all that site related stress in my spare time i've been looking into sites that are similar to this current layout, spending a lot of time on celestial star and looking at user submitted layouts from the time. obviously i don't have the full static table layout load out as i enjoy making different themes for all my pages, but the type of webdesign is something im really interested in as it heavily reminds me old deviantart journal skins that id install for fun when i was a kid (obviously i know these types of web designs existed before DA journals or atleast reflected what web design looked like during the time but its just what it personally reminds me of ^^).

Along side this ive been making many different graphics for fun using photopea such as 100x100 icons or the ffxiv banners you see on this page here . I have vauge recollections of trying to do these types of graphics when i was younger (mainly backgrounds for my PC) but it never went far since i never had photoshop and mainly used art programs for graphic making... i then finally decided to give photopea a chance though and ive been loving just doing graphics for fun !! its definetly way better than trying to do it on CSP .

it took a while for me to brainstorm many different ideas but this is what i've come up with. the two ffxiv banner graphics around the nav bars i created made for fun had the cogs in my brain turn finally and I'm honestly very happy with how it came out, especially with the two month site/layout creative block.

phew ...... well ... hope whoever is reading this at least somewhat enjoyed going through this massive site ramble !


Rinoa protects ASTER


here are my site buttons! i have a few different versions but overall i dont mind which you chose to display onto your site if you choose to take my button home with you ! all i ask is that you don't hotlink my buttons and save them to your own site.

APRIL 14TH ; new index , moving towards a new idea. old updates might find themselves onto a new page entirely later on. as always theres a section on current site information to read, new site button to lead up to dawntrail's release and webrings and cliques have been moved to the index page. links + landing page have been changed too.
old updates NOV 2022 - FEB 2024

FEB 16TH ; uploaded the new art page revamp to the site but the page itself is still very unfinished . A lot of artwork hasn't been uploaded and probably wont be for a little while since i need to orginise everything (art wise) before i upload it. Anyways, "big gap in updates until may" as mentioned in the last update entery will probably start now since i just realised what day it is and my week off is almost done, so i need to get some exam prep work done . oh also new mutual site buttons added :3 !!!

FEB 11TH ; first update of the year !!!!! new about page that i'm super happy with and probably wont be changing it's layout in a long time . i'm going to be busy these next few months preping for my graphics exam , so there might be another big gap in updates until may. However !!!! i end the school year early (end of may) this year so that means more time for coding soon ! also updated credits page for recent about page

DEC 12TH ; deleted the site notif neocities does earlier when you change any page since i was fixing something small so idk how many people are going to see this, but finished my shrines directory ! kinda.. im still working on it and no links go anywhere since the shrines dont exist yet. i need to make them but ! im happy with the layout i think!

DEC 5TH ; very small update but changed the landing page to match the rest of the site & updated credits & resources page.

DEC 4TH ; once again .. new index theme, though this one is more to celebrate the aniversery of my site and to make my index match other page themes since i felt it was too all over the place. along side the new index theme, i've made a new site button too ! more theme info in "website theme & information" as always :3 !

NOV 15TH ; smaller update - changed somethings on index page and added another site button.

OCT 18TH ; BIG SITE UPDATE - finally finished my new about page, changed landing page, added credits & links page and finally added mutuals buttons on homepage !!! im so glad to finally be done with all this since it's taken me literal months to do everything. index page maybe up next for a big rehaul but I think im going to just focus on making new pages for the site for now (shrines,blog & layout history/graveyard most likely next.)

JULY 24TH ; small update but i signed up to status cafe and added the status widget to my homepage !

JULY 13TH ; NEW INDEX !! detailed thoughts about it are in the "about my current index theme", which is something i want to add to all my indexs from now on. It saves me from rambling in my updates log.

JUNE 13TH : erm . HI ! new index page based off kamen rider fourze. :3 ,i literally havent touched any html or css for a few months. i wasn't motivated to work on the site for the past few months, and then suddenly got a random burst of motivation in the middle of the night .. also if you've seen me update my site every so often,i've been uploading things to use offsite for the past couple months ! i'm not sure how often i'll be updating my site from now on but i'll try (note: i forget to do stuff quite alot ) to do small updates once in a while

FEB 2ND : completely re-did about page and added site button onto homepage ! at first i really liked v1 of the about page,in my other update i did say i spent hours on it and was really pround of it. However the more time passed,i started to dislike the layout i chose for my about page and the overall look of it. I've been told im allowed to shelve the work i was currently doing and im doing something else for school,so ive been able to take some time for myself and build a new about page.. and.. i really do love it now, it feels wayyy more personalised to me than the other version of it :D

JAN 20 : added temporary artwork page and updated navigation section ! site updates may slow down after this point . i've got some work to do for the course i'm doing and my deadline to complete the work is in about two weeks from now,so i'll be pretty busy trying to finish it.

JAN 18 : added about page ,updated navigation & removed mini about section on homepage! i didn't really take a break when making this and spent several hours just coding and making graphics so i'm currently really tired ;;. i'm still not exactly finished with it and i'll be adding stuff onto it from time to time!

JAN 16 '23 : new homepage & made a "warning" (?? i dont know what they're called..its just a page telling people what resolution the page is meant to be viewed at ,ect..) ! i'm really happy with this one,i wasn't able to use any graphics i edited or made myself whilst coding until now so being able to use them and then see everything come together is so nice...

also happy new years,since school has started again i'll be busy mostly doing course work for school ..which is just drawing and making art.

DEC 23th : new site layout again! i think this looks really pretty :D

DEC 20th : changed site layout(finally!)

: site was created on NOV.27 '22!